DJUBO Success Stories

V Hotel, Vishakhapatnam

In the Hotelier’s Own Words

“ DJUBO makes managing the property really simple. The inventory gets managed on its own. Guest welcome, check-in, check-out, review request emails roll out on their own when a booking is made - be it online or offline. The mobile app makes managing the property from anywhere possible. All in all, I feel there is nothing like DJUBO out there in the market. Thank you DJUBO. ”

V Hotel, Vishakhapatnam
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Increased OTA Revenues Share by 80%

DJUBO’s integrated approach to room inventory distribution, ensures that you never undersell on OTAs. If you have rooms to sell, DJUBO pushes them to the market instantly.

Hotel V, Vizag

15% Increase in Occupancy

Optimized room inventory distribution with the integrated hotel CRS, booking engine and channel manager, ensure you sell rooms reach the right channel, at the right time, at the right price.

Hotel V, Vizag

ARR Increased by 15%

Extensive revenue planning is possible with DJUBO for every channel, right down to the day of the week.

Hotel V, Vizag

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