DJUBO Success Stories

The Perfect Hideout, Mussorie

In the Hotelier’s Own Words

“2014 was my first year in hospitality business and as time passed the workload increased and being a startup I was handling most of the work myself. Things like online promotions, marketing, OTA’s in addition to customer relations and employee satisfaction quality of our product etc. It was getting difficult for me to single handedly manage all this so I decided to partner with DJUBO and they have really helped me. The majority of my workload has been cut down as they manage my room inventory in real time automatically and also my front office is centralized and hence I don’t need to personally inform staff about the upcoming bookings payment status category of rooms etc.”

Gautam Rawat, Director,
The Perfect Hideout
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Hotel Revenues Increased by 40%

DJUBO’s channel manager for hotels, helps distribute all unsold room inventory to a larger audience thereby creating more opportunities to get reservations.

Website Traffic Boosted by 33%

The improved visibility on OTAs leads to a sizeable traffic from the added brand awareness, which then can be converted for commission-free direct bookings with DJUBO’s hotel websites.

the perfect hideout

Built an Improved Direct Marketing Strategy

The DJUBO booking engine and quick pay solution for hotels allows hotels to work on pushing repeat customers directly to their websites to make reservations.

Minimized Issues of Overselling & Underselling

DJUBO’s integrates centralized reservation system with a channel manager, ensuring that all reservations online or offline, walk-ins or through agents get consolidated in a single booing chart, thereby reducing possibilities of overselling or underselling.

room the perfect hideout

Better Upselling through DJUBO Booking Engine

The DJUBO Hotel Booking Engine has been designed to make reservations a breeze for guests, while utilizing every opportunity to upsell special packages and add-on services.

the perfect hideout

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