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Sri Krishna Residency

In the Hotelier’s Own Words

“ DJUBO has given a really good support by providing us an advanced technology. Previously it was difficult to manage the inventory individually on each OTA, but now we are able to sell more rooms through optimum handling of our room inventory on each channel. DJUBO’s ability to keep pushing rooms until the last minute to every OTA has made a remarkable change in our way of working. We have also started to notice that our brand is now being recognized by people and they have started to book directly with us. It has been a wonderful beginning with DJUBO and we expect to go far with it to achieve our goals. ”

Sanat Amin, General Manager,
Sri Krishna Residency, Udupi
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Increased Direct Sales by 15%

DJUBO’s integrated website and hotel booking engine make it easier for guests to find your hotel online and book directly with you.

Increase in Website Traffic by 30%

DJUBO’s website template and on-page SEO optimizations ensure, that your website is not only found but also able to convert to bookings.

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Increased ARR by 10%

Optimized room inventory distribution with the integrated hotel CRS, booking engine and channel manager, ensure you sell rooms reach the right channel, at the right time, at the right price.

Increased inventory distribution on OTAs by 50%

Always-on auto-sync channel manager ensures that hotels can manage more OTAs without thinking twice about the work, getting you maximum reach.

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Reduction in daily workload between 35% and 50%

DJUBO’s auto-sync hotel channel manager and sales collaboration tools help reduce daily workload to allow hoteliers to focus on delivering an improved customer experience.

Reduction in Manual Errors

DJUBO’s daily reporting and analytics features allow you to better manage your hotel operations and take more informed business decisions.

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