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Juna Mahal & Cosy Guesthouse - Group of 2 Heritage Properties

In the Hotelier’s Own Words

"From spending nearly 4 to 6 hours a day to manage my online sales channels, to almost zero supervision after implementing DJUBO means a great deal when there is just one person is managing the hotel sales and overseeing the hotel operations as well. It almost feels like DJUBO is managing my room distribution on its own. DJUBO's support team is highly responsive to my needs and adds to the peace of mind that DJUBO provides.
It is an absolute pleasure to use a product like DJUBO and I would highly recommend it to every hotelier."

Mahendra Joshi, Owner,
Juna Mahal & Cosy Guesthouse

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32% Increase in OTA Revenues

Auto-sync channel manager integrated with the DJUBO CRS automatically adjusts room inventory as soon as a booking or a cancellation takes places, ensuring that no inventory goes unsold while preventing overbooking.

juna mahal jodhpur room

18% Increase in Direct Traffic

Improved vibility and order fulfillment on OTAs ensures better ranks on OTAs, while the billboard effect results in significant traffic being directed to the hotel website which can be captured by the DJUBO Direct Booking Engine.

juna mahal lobby

28% Increase in Occupancy

DJUBO Hotel CRS working in sync with DJUBO's Channel Manager and Booking Engine ensures that your hotel room invetory gets maximum exposure online.

juna mahal restaurant

Massive Time Savings for a One Man Operation

Complete automation of hotel room inventory distribution, pre-arrival & post-departure guest communication, payment reminders, and other hotel sales automation features ensure that the entire hotel sales can be managed by a single person.

juna mahal exterior

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