DJUBO Success Stories

Hotel Milan International, Santa Cruz, Mumbai

In the Hotelier’s Own Words

“DJUBO is a highly efficient hotel sales management software. It allows us to very effectively manage all our hotel sales channels, online as well as offline. It especially shines through when it comes to OTA distribution. It not only saves time and effort, but does it so much efficiently. It also beings together all our sales channel and reservations in a single location, which helps avoid a lot of confusion and keeps things simple.”

Nida Elahi Khan, Owner,
Hotel Milan International
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75% OTA Revenue Increase

DJUBO's integrated approach to hotel sales management ensures efficient distribution of all unsold room inventory, allowing more online visibility on OTAS & therefore, more revenues.

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40% Increase in Occupancy

DJUBO distributes your room inventory to OTAs in real-time. This means that everytime a potential guest is looking for hotels online and you have rooms unsold, you are going to be present there.

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30% Increase in ARR

Extensive room rate mapping features and powerful sales analytics allow you to build better hotel revenue strategies and execute and measure them successfully.

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