DJUBO Success Stories

Summit Hotels - Chain of 18 Hotels

In the Hotelier’s Own Words

“Previously we had a system where everything was updated manually such as Bookings Dashboard, Booking Details, Inventory, Rates, etc. Now with DJUBO's help we've been able to utilize the same team in other important tasks while all our sales processes are automated by DJUBO.”

Sumit Mitruka, CEO,
Summit Hotels
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402% Increase in OTA Revenues Across Chain

Real-time automated sync of room inventory on every OTA that you are associated with, ensures that DJUBO's Channel Manager maximizes your revenues.

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193% Increase in OTA Occupancy Across Chain

Smarter room inventory distribution with DJUBO's integrated approach ensures that you are on every sales channel, where your potential guests are.

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Increased RevPAR

Smarter rate plan management with DJUBO ensures that you get more revenue per room.

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Better Utilization of Sales Team

Automating hotel sales tasks frees up your sales team to monitor sales and strategize, as opposed to have their hands full with simply updating inventory after every reservation and cancellation.

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