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The Hotel PMS

The DJUBO Cloud Property Management System brings unprecedented efficiancy to your hotel operations and brings the power of cloud connectivity to deliver an integrated hotel management experience.

Use as a standalone PMS or connect it to the DJUBO Sales & Distribution platforms, to make hotel operations simple and efficient.


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Front Desk Management


POS Management


Payments & Invoice Management


Reporting & Analytics

Front Desk Management

Intutitive interface, makes browsing through all your bookings a breeze, and collaboration becomes easier with real-time chart updation.
Manage & keep track of check-ins & check-outs in the booking chart itself.
Let your front desk create and cancel reservations for walk-ins & offline enquiries and changes get synced across the organization.
Block rooms for maintenance or hold them for a guest, everybody is going to stay updated.
From sending voucher details to welcome emails, everything is sent automatically to the guests, saving time for your staff.
Enquiry management features keep track of enquiries, quotation are sent automatically via email & SMS with payment links, and guests can pay to confirm their bookings automatically. More automation, and lesser lost enquiries.
BUild a complete system for a single hotel or an entire chain, automate online inventory distribution across online channels and amplify your hotel sales.

Points of Sale

Create as many, and any kind of, Points of Sales and manage them through a single dashboard.
Let stewards take orders on tablets, or use a central desktop to manage your restaurant or keep it tidy by managing the spa reservations on your phone, using it always easy and a pleasure to use.
BUilt-in KOT management for restaurants and food outlets.
The POS comes ready with features to manage in-room dining, house guests and restaurant guests.
In-room dining or house guest bills can be charged to room, in which case, the bills get added automatically to the room folios and the front desk has an always-updated invoice for guests.

Payment & Invoicing

eCollect allows you to collect payments from guests online for both POS and front desk. Simply send payment email & SMS, and the guests can pay online with their preferred payment method.
All unpaid POS invoices are allocated to room instantly, without your staff having to run around pushing bills.
PCI DSS compliant payment gateway ensures safe transactions and guest security, while making it easier to collect payments from guests, agents and other sellers.

Analytics & Reporting

No more wasting time on generating daily reports. Start and end your day with automated reports auto-generated and emailed to the entire staff.
No more surprises for your staff, as they stay informed before each guests arrival.
With data collected in real-time for your perusal, you save time and get more accurate data to build your sales strategy.
Built-in analytics dashboard collects data in real-time and provides powerful insights into your hotel's performance.

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