DJUBO Success Stories

Hotel Rehoboth

In the Hotelier's Own Words

"SEO improvement is good on Social Networks. People fear of Doing NEFT, but in Djubo it helps in getting payments through payment gateway link.Payment Gateway helps me and also guest to do instant payment. More enquiry on Website after connected with Djubo. Even we received good volume of business from Djubo Booking engine Also."

Mr.Diju Samuvel, Owner,
Hotel Rehoboth
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OTA Share Increased By 350%

After Djubo has been taken , The OTA rev comes to Approx. 350% , which was previously near about max. 10%.

Hotel Rehoboth

Occupancy Increased By 100%+

As by Djubo we can see the exact availability of all our rooms from anywhere and this is visible to all via OTA or booking engine. This increased our room occupancy more than 100%+ from previous.

Hotel Rehoboth

Eliminated Wasteful Manpower

Yes it reduce manpower cost, before we had plan to recruit front office employee. That time Mr.Naresh from Djubo visited our property and we were impressed with Djubo. So finally we saved some money.

Hotel Rehoboth

Increased ARR by ₹1000

As because of exact visibility of rooms and Djubo payment process now we can sell more rooms nights. It have increased our ARR by almost RS.1000.

Hotel Rehoboth

Reduced Workload

As a single man managing in & out Products of Djubo, My workload reduced because of wonderfull channel manager provided by Djubo. I am really happy with Autosync CRS system. Easy way to populate vouchers. Yes we get good reviews through our mail and also through TripAdvisor.

Hotel Rehoboth

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